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Social Daycare Center is a subsidiary of the CAIPA Foundation, Inc., which is a not-for-profit organization with 501(C)(3) tax exempt status. CAIPA Foundation receives its donations mainly from physician-members of the Chinese-American IPA(CAIPA). CAIPA is one of the most successful independent practice associations in Greater New York with over 1,000 private practice providers, covering over 70 specialties. Our provider network currently provides medical services and care to about half-a-million patient population in the Asian community. We provide service in English and Chinese including Mandarin and other dialects such as Cantonese, Taishanese, Taiwanese, Hakka, Shanghainese and Hunanese.

Eligibles and Facilities
  1. Those who are over 18 and older have Managed long-term care (MLTC), are qualified to join our membership. Our center offers benefits and provides meals, coffee, tea, activities, and various health care services.
  2. Elders over 65 who are low income can be considered for becoming our membership too. No cost will be charged, such as meals, coffee, tea during the day. However, hair services and other activities will charge low prices.
  3. Members are limited in the Social Daycare Center. Center reserves the right to reject the applicant if the applicant lists are filled.


Our Mission Mission Mission

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of care and regulatory mandated appropriative services to seniors in our communities.

Our Goal Goal Goal

Our Goal is to ensure that seniors in our communities receive culturally sensitive care and services that would offer all members a secured, peaceful, and better quality of life.

Our Staff Staff Staff

CAIPA Social Daycare Center

Program Director : Wayne Sheng, Jade Liang

Medical Director : Richard Ng, DO (IM/GI)

Registered Nurse : Lily Ng, Sarah Chau

Social Worker : John Tsoi, Dan Liu, Mengdan Zhu

Health Aide : Xin Liu, Jing Lin, Simon Zhang, SuYing Huang

Receptionist : Eric Lau, Maggie Li

Licensed Stylist : Doris Tai

Registered Dietitian : Vivien Yuen-Wai Hui

Professional Chef : Mr. Lam, Mr. Yuen, Mr. Li, Mr. Tang

Our staffs are well trained and professional. As a team, we work together to understand your specific needs and provide an enjoyable, engaging, and personal experience. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service.