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SDC services offer many social activities, learning sessions, monthly outings, and birthday celebrations. Various activities include exercise classes, arts and crafts, calligraphy, line or group dancing, Tai Chi, Silver Sneaker Program, and Senior Zumba. We also offer fun and challenging gaming to enhance seniors’ mental wellness, including Mah Jong, Chinese and Western Chess, Pai- Kaw, and other stress relief exercises. More importantly, each member will receive a full physical and cognitive function assessment and individualized plan of care.

SDC  SDC  SDC  Program Schedule

  • Free Social Benefit Services 2 pm – 3 pm -Free to read letters, fill out forms, apply for benefits and other services
  • Every other Tuesdays – Haircut service Temporarily unavailable
  • Once a month – Birthday party & council meeting
With online gaming, participants of all skill levels can come together in the virtual world to interact and play with each other. There will be instructional lessons and tutorials on how to play; strategies in winning will be featured.

Brain/ Fun Game 

This course focuses on fundamental grammar, common vocabulary, introduction to reading skills in English, and conversation practice. Students will learn practical life-skills information concerning the English alphabet and numbers, calendar, body parts, health knowledge, and clothing which enable them to function in everyday, real-life situations related to their immediate needs.

English/ Poetry Learning

The foods we serve at Social Daycare Center are fresh each day. Our certified chefs prepare those healthy meals from our kitchen, and all meals are nutritionally balanced.


This class offers simple but powerful practices, which involving breathing, guided meditation to bring stability, balance, and a deep sense of relaxation to both body and mind. No prior meditation experience is needed. Benefits: can relieve chronic ailments, stress, anxiety, and tension. It also can bring balance and harmony to the system.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Social Daycare Centers incorporate medical teams. As part of our service, we want it to enrich seniors’ lives. These services are supported by CAIPA doctors and other health workers.

Medical Team

The class offers skills and practices to self-manipulating your muscles and other soft tissues to enhance their function, promote relaxation, or both. No prior meridian knowledge is needed. It may help to calm your mind, improve mood, and ease physical aches and pains.

Self-Massage & Acupressure

Who says you can’t sing to an audience when you are home? This interactive class gets participants to sing their favorite songs. Participants can prepare solo or duet acts. Sing-along to popular songs and singing competitions are other fun ways to get the timid and the brave to belt out tunes.

Singing Class

Stay-Well Exercise classes were design for the seniors. Participants will be led by an instructor for a well-balanced series of exercises at all ability levels. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Stay-Well Exercise

This class introduces the basic knowledge of an outstanding Chinese traditional medical book, The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine. Base on the long healthy life understanding, the course will include some exercise practice for the group members. It will help them learn to calm down and manage their emotions during the Pandemic.

Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine