2022 Artists

2022 2022 2022 Artists The Korean Traditional Music Association of America [KTMAA] The Korean Traditional Music Association of America was established in 2012, uniting cultural artists from the Eastern U.S. states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Since the election of the first chairwoman, Kap-Son Yi (Um), the association has been […]

2019 Artists

Asian Heritage Night

2019 2019 2019 Artists Mei Xuan (Erhu Soloist) Mei Xuan started learning Erhu when she was only ten years old. After she graduated from Anhui Arts University in China, she performed as the main Erhu player at the Provincial Opera House and produced many soundtracks for movies and TV programs. In 2007, she joined the […]

2018 Artists

Asian Heritage Night

2018 2018 2018 Artists Liam O’Neill (Host) Mr. Liam O’Neill is a distinguished public speaker and event host. He has worked with NTD Television for nearly a decade, serving as an English-Chinese bilingual host for large-scale public events in New York and Washington, DC. Liam is passionate about Chinese culture and language education. He has […]

2017 Artists

Asian Heritage Night

2017 2017 2017 Artists BEN HEDGES (Host)- Mr. Ben Hedges is a professional television host and journalist. He is best known for hosting the popular news commentary show, A Foreigner’s View of China, which he delivers in Mandarin Chinese on a weekly basis. Ben was born in Hong Kong and was educated in Hong Kong, […]

2016 Artists

Asian Heritage Night

2016 2016 2016 Artists Yimin Miao (Chinese Flute-Dizi) Mr. Yimin Miao learned flute playing from the late Chinese flute master Mr. Xunfa Yu. He was the flute artist at Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. After moving to the US in 1996, Mr. Liao has performed in many prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and the […]