Asian Heritage Night


Asian Heritage Celebration

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, CAIPA Foundation, Inc. will be hosting Asian Heritage Night with the support of Coalition of Asian-American Independent Physician Association (CAIPA), which celebrates Asian heritage with a focus on health care.

For more than 10 years, CAIPA Foundations has been actively promoting community service programs and health awareness to Asian-Americans through education, advocacy, medical research, and making medical services more accessible. Thanks to our provider members for the generous donations and continued support.

On this special night, hundreds of leaders and champions from the medical community will be enjoying a multi-media celebration of Asian cultures shown through performances of musical instruments and cultural shows. We will also be recognizing several organizations and providers for their outstanding services to the Asian-American community, including “Community Award”, “Primary Care of the Year”, “Specialty of the Year”, and “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Furthermore, this is a tribute to all health care stakeholders, health plans, government officials, hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, health care providers, and family members working tirelessly together to provide the most comprehensive and top quality care to those in need.